Silver Package

Recording Package

This is a 3 part course designed to guide you step by step from beginning to end.

Session 1 - Song break down, performance and vocal coaching (1 hr)

  • Breathing techniques
  • Diaphragm stability
  • Overcoming fear of performing
  • How to sing powerfully without damaging your vocal chords
  • Song presentation, How to connect to the audience from inside a vocal booth as apposed to on stage with a live crowd.
  • The importance of performing with emotion.

Session 2 - Recording of lead vocal, backing vocals, doubles, and ad-libs. (2 hrs)

  • Singing from inside the booth and recording that lead vocal for your song.
  • Listening to yourself on headphones instead of using the room sound.
  • Creating emotion from inside the booth in order to reach those fans.
  • We talk through the recording process and how the professionals get that amazing vocal take.
  • We’ll talk about professional recoding techniques that you didn’t know made such a difference when it comes to recoding.
  • We’ll talk about the choice of Microphone we are using and why.
  • Tracking any extra parts we'll need for the project including: doubles, background vocals and Ad-libs. ​
  • We'll talk about specific techniques on how to achieve these effectively and where they should go in the song.
  • We go through harmonies and learn how we can create them with basic music theory.
  • How to sing powerfully without damaging your chords. We'll once again touch on microphone technique and the importance of performance, this time with background vocals in mind.

Session 3 - Mixing of all vocals (1 hr)

  • We mix your song.
  • You will sit while we mix and go through mixing techniques teaching you how to get that professional sound
  • We will cover things like EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay and other cool effects to compliment the style of song.
  • Walk home with a copy of your work.

Total 4 hrs ($500)